The Creative Adventures of Mona Rita

Saturday, October 3, 2009

summer is over!!!

My studio has come a long way!! It looks nowhere near what it did even a year ago. I had insulation put in made from recycled soda bottles & soy, walls put up, carpet made from recycled plastic bottles. I painted the walls a kind of camel/goldish color and put baseboards in myself. It just feels better to be in there! I have set up the front part of the main room to look like a display area. I like to see my work spread out so that I always feel inspired. The back part of the room is the work area. I really love it!
Today I worked on my photographs. I think that is finally coming along as well!! Now I just have to figure on how to post them to my site! It's all coming along. I am by no means an expert and most people would put me to shame on computer knowledge...but I'm pretty happy with what I've achieved so far. I think just sitting down and experimenting has done me well! Not bad for a beginner! More to come!