The Creative Adventures of Mona Rita

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

wires & baubles

one's man trash is another man's treasure. i absolutely love the combination of a non-traditional recycled product with traditional jewelry supplies. it lends itself to a very unique look. i don't believe that jewelry has to fall into the "bling" category to be beautiful. What can I say...I like the unique. No cookie cutters for me. I feel like I have to stay firm with what I believe is my aesthetic and that beauty comes in many, many forms. I am aware of trends and fashion rules, but by no means do I feel like I should take them as anything other than "suggestions". I believe that dressing is more fun this way. When you don't constrict yourself with so many rules you feel free to be who you are meant to be, not who anyone else dictates. I always want to remember not to be stifled by what even my local culture dictates in fashion. There is a whole curious world of fashion out there and it's more fun to be open to it.