The Creative Adventures of Mona Rita

Thursday, April 24, 2008


been soooo incredibly busy yet so incredibly inspired to create, create, create! April has been a busy month for me with Earth Day events etc. The month has flown I actually have a little free time to spend my upcoming weekend shopping for new's planting season folks! So goes the cycle of life!
This all inspires more need to create fun and fabulosity. I worked with some recycled fabrics and leather yesterday. I'm converging my designs into different "lines" since I have so many different moods and tastes. And I don't believe any woman is one-sided!! I don't see myself working with one material exclusively, however I'm committed to recycling...that is the one design element I'm all about! It's a challenge and a dream to work with such materials! I can't see any other way.
Other fun season of Kimora: life in the fabulous lane (she runs the show and is a real inspirational woman!), ANTM.
gotta run!