The Creative Adventures of Mona Rita

Thursday, October 25, 2007

is it work?

Did a lot of footwork trying to place fliers for this upcoming trunk show. It wasn't bad at all as most people were very receptive and friendly. Cool. I have already started looking for the next show/event to do. I am purposely making myself really busy and I'm liking that right now. It's feeling pretty good. You know what they say about "idle hands" blah, blah. I am being heavily influenced by anything British at the moment. Maybe it's all the bbc that has been on my tv lately. I am fascinated by other parts of the world. I always wonder what it's like to live there etc. hmmmm.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Trunk Show

I have spent the last couple of days trying to sort out all the preparations for the upcoming trunk show. It will be from 4-8pm Friday, Oct 26th at Poe Studio, 819 Savannah Hwy, Charleston. I hope it is good fun. I don't really know what to expect, but I think it will be fun finding out! Lots to do, gotta run.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Show this weekend!!

I have one of my first "official craft shows" this weekend and I'm really excited about it. I have done a couple of shows locally, but they were really small. This show is both Saturday and Sunday and I hope there will be a lot of customers. I'm excited to see how I am received and what people may have to say. It will be at the Omar Shrine Center in Mount Pleasant, SC. Hoping for a good show! Lots of stuff to do!